Conditions of Sale

Terms And Conditions of Sale

Prices All prices listed on this website are listed in EURO. Prices may change at any time without notice.

Domestic Accounts All new accounts are required to have:

  • Billing address of Company
  • Email address to send invoices
  • Contact information for accountancy
  • Resale certificate
  • European VAT nr.(if not, new account must be accepted by management and orders will always subject of 21% Belgian VAT)

International Accounts Natural Life does not offer terms on International orders. International orders are defined as shipments outside the EU and Switzerland.

Minimum Order Requirements The minimum opening order requirement for new accounts is €500 net (wholesale cost of goods ordered). The minimum reorder requirement is €150 net (wholesale cost of goods ordered). All products must be ordered in minimum quantities where listed. All orders will be rounded to the nearest minimum quantity. Please account for this when placing your order, otherwise there may be a delay in processing your order.

Deactivation Policy Natural Life Retail Partners must purchase a minimum of €500 of current Natural Life product annually to remain an active account. Once an account is deactivated, the account must be re-qualified as an authorized retailer. Partners who wish to reactivate an account must meet the minimum opening order requirement of €500 and comply with all New Account Guidelines.

Payment Terms Natural Life accepts wire, checks and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, as payment for goods.

Opening orders are required to be paid via wire, credit card or check prior to shipping goods. Terms can be granted after initial order is paid in full if all required credit information is obtained and management has approved. Please note that payments toward a term balance made by credit card will incur a 3% service charge. Term payments made by check or wire transfer will not incur a fee. The first order for all new accounts must be paid in full otherwise no other orders will be released for shipment. Please remit check payments to: La Façon de… BVBA de Roest d’Alkemadelaan 11/36 2600 Berchem, Belgium

Shipping Terms All shipped orders are F.O.B. our Distribution Center, Antwerp, Belgium.

Freight Policy Freight charges are added to the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in advance. Product is shipped using a carrier of our choice unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Backorders Backorders with a value greater than €50, freight is charged in full with the carrier of our choice. Backorders with a value of €50 and under, freight is capped at 10% of the total backorder value. Backorders with a value of less than €25 will be cancelled.

Returns All sales are considered final. Any claims for shortages, damages or defective merchandise must be made within 5 working days of receipt of goods by contacting La Façon de… in written by mail or e-mail: Returns may be requested for defective merchandise or over shipment of product within 14 days of receipt of goods. If management of La Façon de… approves the return, shipping will be reimbursed to the purchaser. A credit to the customer account will be issued upon acceptance of the proof of shortages, damages or defectives or receipt of the returned product only if management approved the return prior to it being shipped back to Natural Life, and only if shortages, damages or defectives are accepted by management.

Store Locator Eligibility Natural Life vendors with yearly order volume of €4,000 or more per location are eligible to have locations listed on our Store Locator page. To confirm eligibility, or if you need to make a change to any information in your current listing, please email us and someone will contact you within 2 business days. Please be sure to include your account number in your email.

Policies and prices are subject to change without notice.


General delivery and sales conditions

La Façon de... BVBA is een bedrijf met beperkte aansprakelijkheid volgens Belgisch recht en een aandelenkapitaal van  € 23.085,- met zetel in de Roest d'Alkemadelaan 11/36, 2600 Berchem, België met ondernemingsnummer 0404.157.824 en BTWnr. BE0404.157.824

1. Following sales and delivery conditions are valid in Belgium as well as abroad, regardless any other conditions.

2. Undersigning of the purchase order is binding for the customer. After receipt of the purchase order concerned, the seller is at all times entitled to cancel the purchase under the heading of non creditworthiness of the purchaser or in case of establishing mala fide practices or intentions of the purchaser.  Cancellation by the purchaser is not permitted and shall always be subject to a compensation of at least 30% of the total order amount increased with any additional loss to be demonstrated by the seller.

3. The delivery terms set out are indicative only. Late deliveries never entitle the purchaser to invoke compensation or dissolution of the agreement.

4. Every case of force majeure releases the seller by force of law from any agreement, without any claim for compensation filed by the purchaser. If the seller relies on deliveries from thirds, aforementioned stipulations are also applicable in the event of force majeure or accident on our supplier’s account. 

5. The transport costs are at the expense of the purchaser, unless stipulated otherwise. The goods are always dispatched at the purchaser’s risk. 

6. Complaints as to delivered goods and invoiced prices are to be signalled to the seller within 5 work days after the delivery or receipt of the invoice. Once this term has expired, the goods as well as the prices are deemed accepted by the purchaser. No single complaint is to give cause to non payment of the invoice. If goods actually contain a defect, then they will be replaced depending on the stock or refunded. The seller’s mediation is limited to refunding or replacement, without any further claim for any other direct or indirect compensation. In no event will complaints be accepted before integral payment of the price including the component to which the complaint relates.  

7. In case of non payment on the expiration date for whatever reason, or in case of not taking delivery of correct and undamaged delivered goods, the seller retains the right to either suspend the performance of all current orders, and this without prior notice of default or compensation for the seller, or to dissolve the agreement by operation of law and without prior notice of default and legal intervention with regard to the whole or part yet to be performed, in which case the customer owes a fixed compensation at the amount of 50% of the total amount ordered increased with any additional loss to be demonstrated by the seller.    

8. If the purchaser refuses to take delivery of the goods offered to him correctly and undamaged, the costs following therefrom, such as freight charges, storage charges and such alike, are at the expense of the seller.  

9. Discoloration of wood, textile, fibre materials or leather and wood warping are not deemed to be a defect as far as this discoloration or wood warping can not be technically prevented, or are generally accepted according to the sector’s custom or a property of the used materials. A discoloration can never give cause to a complaint in case of a repeat order of the goods. 

10. Invoices require cash payment, except in case of the seller’s explicit written consent. An advance payment of 30% of the total invoiced amount must be paid by the purchaser shortly after the order confirmation. The amount of 70% of the total purchase amount increased with the agreed transport expenses must be paid by the purchaser at least within seven days prior to the scheduled date of delivery at the purchaser. Advance payments can never be refunded and if the purchaser should however wish not to proceed with the order then the same conditions as in article 2 apply, or a minimal compensation of 30% of the total amount ordered increased with any additional loss to be demonstrated by the purchaser. In case of late payment, with the full right thereto and without prior notice of default, the invoiced amount will be increased with 2% per month and a fixed compensation will be claimed of 15% of the invoiced amount.  

11. The seller remains owner of the delivered goods until the purchaser has fulfilled all his obligations. Loss or damage are at the purchaser’s risk as from the moment the goods are shipped.

12. All collecting charges are at the purchaser’s expense.

13. If the purchaser does not fulfil his obligations, the seller is entitled to enforce compulsory performance of the agreement or to rescind the existing contract. Parties agree to establish the loss suffered in case of cancellation or compulsory performance of the agreement at 30% of the amount of the order and expenses related to transport of the goods from overseas areas.  (See articles 2 and 5) 

14. Only Belgian legislation applies to our sales and deliveries. In case of a dispute or disagreement, for whatever reason, only the Courts of the Antwerp District are competent.